2-Hour Supercharge Session for Animal Guardians

 94,00 2 hours

Experience the Energy Enhancement System for 2-hours consecutively, to supercharge your cells. Your cells at optimum charge will aid the body to go into healing mode.

With each first time booking, a 1.4kg bag of Detox Salt is included. For all other bookings after this, a bag of Detox Salt can be purchased for €10, from the centre.



BRING YOUR ANIMAL WITH FOR a 2-HOUR SESSION  Experience the Energy Enhancement System with your beloved animal – for 2-hours consecutively, to supercharge both of your bodies cells. Please note, all animals are not allowed on the furniture. (thank you) The sessions are for the first and third Saturdays of a month. (no longer each weekend, as we are alternating this with family sessions)

For all animals, a €15 charge per animal, can be paid on arrival.

This sessions is only available on every first and third Saturday (of a month) afternoon 16.30-18.30.  Please let us know in advance which type of animal will join us.  Things to note:  All dogs must be on a lead and have their own bed. Cats must be in a cat box. Animal guardians must ensure that their furry friend has had the necessary walk (and toilet visit) before coming to the centre. If you animal is not settling, then you may need to take them out so as not to disturb other visitors, please be aware of this.

Animals are not permitted on the beds or the chairs. They need to have their own beds with them.

The Energy Room is a quiet place. Where you can unplug, switch-off and go into rest and restore mode. Beautifully designed to encourage relaxation, the Energy Room at Rebalance provides the perfect place for supercharging your cells. Also, it is up to you how much you want to invest into your body and it’s energy levels. A fully charge body (or powered up cells) allow the body to do what it knows to do. Heal itself.


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