2-Hour Supercharge Session for Adult & child (12 & under free, between 13-17 at 50% rate)

 94,00 2 hours

Experience the Energy Enhancement System for 2-hours consecutively, to supercharge your cells. Your cells at optimum charge will aid the body to go into healing mode.

With each first time booking, a 1.4kg bag of Detox Salt is included. For all other bookings after this, a bag of Detox Salt can be purchased for €10, from the centre.



BRING YOUR CHILD WITH FOR a 2-HOUR SESSION  Experience the Energy Enhancement System with your child (12 years & younger are included in this purchase) – for 2-hours consecutively, to supercharge your cells.

This sessions is only available every 2nd and 4th Saturday of the month. This session is at the end of the day to allow for families to visit undisturbed. Children need more space and freedom in the room, so a dedicated 2 hour session is set aside for families. The room layout will be adjust to accommodate children with some toys and seating for children to relax and play with. Please remember, no food is allowed in the energy room, and children can eat at the table just outside the room. Drinks are allowed in the Energy room.  The office area has a suitable nappy changing area for parents needing this facility.

Also, it is up to you how much you want to invest into your body and it’s energy levels. A fully charge body (or powered up cells) allow the body to do what it knows to do. Heal itself.

This is for one adult and up to 3 children 12 and under.


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