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Sound Healing Concerts

Quietly enter the Energy Room at Rebalance. Choose your preferred chair or bed and sink in to receive your energy upgrade. Enjoy the bliss available to you by the incredible Sound Healing Concert provided by Jacinta & Ann.

Limited space available, booking essential.

sound healing concert
sound healing at Rebalance Energy Centre with a 24-unit Energy Enhancement System


U maakt kennis met deze nieuwe indrukwekkende technologie in de “Energy Room” zelf. De presentatie duurt tussen de 30 en 45 minuten en er is ruimschoots gelegenheid tot het stellen van vragen. Bent u op zoek naar balans en energie, wilt u letterlijk uw batterij opladen, dan is deze quantum technologie perfect voor u!

Next evening 4 June 2024, walk-in from 19.00 Start 19.30

a Dr Joe Dispenza workshop led by Morgan

Neuro-science … understanding what creates change

NeuroChangeSolutions (NCS) is a science based, layered learning approach, that ensures sustainable change in individuals and organizations. Morgan (Great Performance Group) uses the NCS models and tools in all his programs, as a foundational pillar, because it provides the client with an insight and understanding into how they think, act and feel as a person. New results become possible.  

Next Workshop: 1 & 2 July 2024, 1 and 3/4 day workshop partly in the Energy Room at Rebalance. Cost €444 per person.

Neurochangesolutions-Energy Room at Rebalance