We are Morgan and Sara Thomas. Two best friends, humbled parents and passionate individuals who wish to help people and animals have happy fulfilled lives. We invite you to experience the 24-unit Energy Enhancement System in our centre in the Amstelveen area, The Netherlands.

We started Rebalance Energy Centre because we want to be able to share this beautiful, gentle, non-scary, energy enhancement technology with humanity and animals. We all need a warm hug sometimes & stepping into the Rebalance Energy room, feels like that warm hug.

The Energy Enhancement System came across our path in early 2022, when we saw the interview with Dr Sandra Rose Michael and Jason Shurka, and we just knew we had to help bring this technology to the world. So we set out on a journey to find the funds to make this possible. We look forward to sharing this phenomenal machine with you, in our local area, Amstelveen. (near Amsterdam).

Your health is the foundation for your life. If you have health, you have power. You then have the ability to apply your mind, body & soul, to achieving your dreams!

recharge, rejuvenate & rebalance with a 24-unit energy enhancement system in Amstelveen

You know you want to feel well and energised but so far, all the usual methods to wellness are not working for you.

Sometimes one has to take a leap of faith and try something new. A new technology (new in the public market as of 2023) for wellness is now available to people all around the world. This is a non-invasive, energy frequency device designed to help supercharge your cells. When your body is running at a voltage of between 70-90 millivolts – then the power that made the body, heals the body.
All you do, is sit back in the energy room, in one of the comfortable recliner chairs, close yours eyes (if you like) and allow the Scalar waves and Bio-photonics to do their magic. We invite you to Rebalance to experience this incredible technology.

energy enhancement system