24 unit Energy Enhancement System THE NETHERLANDS / EE SYSTEM NEDERLAND

recharge, rejuvenate & rebalance

we provide the space for people to supercharge their cells

When we watched the interview with Jason Shurka and Dr Sandra Rose Michael, in early 2022 we knew immediately, that we wanted to bring the Energy Enhancement System to our area. So we created the Rebalance Energy Centre, Energy Enhancement System Amstelveen.

As parents, business owners and people looking for better ways to heal and take care of our family, we were immediately drawn to the words of Dr Sandra Rose Michael when she said “the power that made the body, heals the body..”

We believe that is how nature made the human body. Given the right circumstances and in this case, the right cellular charge, the body can work it’s magic, and clear whatever is in the way of optimum health.

Are you looking for a 24-unit Energy Enhancement System in the Netherlands? The Energy Room at Rebalance is a calm, relaxing space where all you need to do, is take off your shoes, grab a blanket and find your comfortable chair to sit in (or lay down) and close your eyes. If it is your first time in the EE System, please come 20-30 minutes before your sessions starts so you can complete the intake form & we can explain how it works. (15 minute explanation)

The lighting is soft, the room is relaxing, the music is calming, and the seating is inviting. Rest, while your cells recharge and your body powers-up to begin it’s healing process.


Enjoy the benefits of scalar technology in our wearables

We have developed our very own proprietary and highly effective process that we utilize for creating and permanently embedding the “hyper-charge;” dense intentional, super conductive scalar effects into medallions, bracelets, and other products. The EESystem creates a focused and more intense field that provides an exponentially more powerful field than simply placing substances into an EESystem alone, allowing us to target and charge our products to carry and deliver the extraordinarily healthy, self-regenerating scalar field effects that have been lab proven to strengthen and enhance coherent DNA and cellular integrity and function. Embedding the technology into our wearables allows people to carry around a small amount of the bioactive fields found in our technology. We can link your scientific white papers on how this technology works, but I imagine you want a basic understanding. Essentially the wearables are providing a small bio active field of what the EES technology promotes. Bioactive means your own biomolecular field is interacting and feeding off of the product. Your field is optimized, energized, and harmonized by the scalar-enhanced product.


  • Mental Flexibility/Clarity
  • Super Learning States
  • Relief from Depression
  • Better Mental Health
  • Less Attachment to Past Traumas
  • Being more Present
  • Better Response to Stressors
  • Living in the Now
  • Improved Spontaniety
  • Improved Time Competency
  • Feelings of Calmness, Harmony, Zen
  • Feelings of Oneness, Peace & Relaxation
  • More Emotionally Clear & Free
  • Improved Inner Direction
  • Living in the Now
  • Living more Authentically
  • Improved Self-Acceptance
  • Sense of Self-Awareness
  • Self-Confidence & Self-Love
24 unit Energy Enhancement System THE NETHERLANDS entrance to Rebalance

Contact us

We will host INFORMATION EVENINGS to share and explain how the Energy Enhancement System works. We will also be hosting several other events, please keep an eye on our events page and our instagram.

If you have any questions, feel free to send your questions in the form below. Thank you.

Morgan and Sara Thomas of Rebalance Energy Centre, Amstelveen. 24-unit Energy Enhancement System, Amsterdam area.


We are Morgan and Sara Thomas. Two best friends, humbled parents and daring individuals who wish to help people and animals have happy fulfilled lives.

Our journey together started in 2003, we moved countries three times, had 3 daughters and run many businesses. We currently live in The Netherlands, and are so grateful to be able to open our Unifyd Healing Centre – Rebalance Energy Centre in Amstelveen, (near Amsterdam). We are thrilled to invite people and their beloved animal friends, to visit us & experience the magic of the Energy Enhancement System.

Proudly part of the UNIFYD HEALING network, joining the movement to help heal the world.